Co-financed by Greece and the European Union

DeAR Museum

Scope, purpose, and goals of the project

The scope of the project is the development of narrative museum scenarios with the use of innovative augmented and virtual reality applications for an experiential, personalized visit to the Tomato Industrial Museum "D. Nomikos" (TIM), in Vlychada, Santorini that has been transformed into a "museum of its own self".

The aim of the project is the development and production of digital applications, based on a complex, interactive and spatially evolving "narrative", adapted to the location/spatial arrangement of the exhibits and visitors' route, during their tour at the Tomato Industrial Museum "D. Nomikos", namely:

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Application
  2. Virtual Reality (VR) Application
  3. Sound footprint of machines and factory environment for creating a landscape
  4. Digital recovery of damaged data of the historical mechanical equipment
  5. Customised applications for personalized narrative tour
  6. Customised applications for the narrative tour of people with limited vision and limited mobility

The objectives of the project are:

  1. to save and highlight the material and intangible cultural capital of a particular agricultural production of Santorini and its industrial development
  2. to develop applications that meet the innovative features of the Museum of the 21st century, and in particular: a. in the combination of audiovisual physical and digital representation, b. in the development of multisensory experiences, c. in the active participation of the end user / potential visitor in shaping the museum experience, and d. in improving the accessibility of people with disabilities
  3. to integrate innovative technologies in cultural applications and to develop tools that can be used as multipliers, to create new material
  4. to encourage partnerships between Culture / Tourism / New Technologies, through the development, presentation, and promotion of a versatile cultural product
  5. to strengthen the connection of academic research in the field of Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies with the practical utilisation of the results by active cultural bodies

Work Packages and Deliverables

Work Package 1: Museological assessment - Museological / museographical adaptation of the existing museum space

  • D.1.1 Museological proposal - script writing - 16th month
  • D.1.2 Configuration of a museum space - 18th month

Work Package 2: Digital Multimedia Productions

  • D.2.1 Accurate digital capture-scanning of mechanical equipment - 24th month
  • D.2.2 Digital design in 3D environment of non-existent machine components - 24th month
  • D.2.3 Digital simulation of machine movement - 34th month
  • D.2.4 Acoustic ‘fingerprint’ sampling - 32nd month
  • D.2.5 Synthetic sound production - 34th month
  • D.2.6 Programming in Unity environment - 34th month
  • D.2.7 Cinematography of the space with 360o camera - 32nd month
  • D.2.8 Production and programming of VR application - 32nd month
  • D.2.9 Posting of the VR application on the TIM website

Work Package 3: Audiovisual productions

  • D.3.1 Green Screen Cinematic recording - 24th month
  • D.3.2 Editing of the cinematographic material - 31st month

Work Package 4: Coordination, installation, training & piloting, evaluation, dissemination of research results

  • D. 4.1 Dissemination, Communication and Strategic exploitation - 24th month
  • D.4.2 Installation of applications - 38th month
  • D.4.3 Staff training - 38th month
  • D.4.4 Pilot application-evaluation - 38th month
  • D.4.5 Promotions and Information Campaign - 30th month

Work Package 5: Technical Viability Study

  • D.5.1. Technical viability study - 38th month
Project Consortium
University of Patras
Tomato Industrial Museum
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